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Care and Cleaning

You have just received the finest quality custom fabricated treatments available. In order to keep them just as fresh and new as possible, please follow these suggestions and guidelines

Rule #1: Never wash or launder custom treatments

About twice a year, vacuum accumulated dust from the surface of your treatments. Use a clean, soft brush attachment for and the suction power slightly reduced. Watch for any large accumulations that might spread by the brush. Also, never subject your window treatments to high temperatures, such as a hot iron.

Hunter Douglas Guidelines

Hunter Douglas shades are made from dust- resistant materials which repel dirt and dust. If your shade needs cleaning we recommend using a hand-held vacuum with low suction for dirt removal. Regular light dusting with a feather duster is all the cleaning needed in most circumstances. You may also use compressed air or a hair-dryer on a cool setting to blow dust and dirt off of the shades.

For additional cleaning information specific to your products visit:

Batteries Guidelines

PowerView Shades are powered by placing 12 AA batteries in series. Like all other products that are powered by batteries in series, it is important to ensure that all batteries are installed in the correct direction to avoid damage to the batteries or the wand. The battery wand itself will have a graphic demonstrating which direction batteries should be placed. If there is corrosion within your battery wand, we will send you a new one free of charge.

For additional troubleshooting techniques we recommend visiting:

Changing batteries on Hunter Douglas motorized blinds