Window Treatments

Fabric Treatments

One of the major differences between Draped in Style and other window treatment companies is not only the style and creativity our Designers possess, but the ability to truly listen to your wants and needs. With a continuously updated library of fabrics to our classic timeless pieces, we always receive the best compliments on our fabric selection.

This is where our Designers are skilled in helping you choose a treatment that will complete the existing space. After visiting with you and discussing your space we will simplify the process by pulling fabrics specifically for you to allow for a less overwhelming feeling of too many options.

Whether it’s fully functioning or stationary drapery panels we’re excited to personalize your home!!

Hunter Douglas Treatments

Whether it’s the sun hitting your television at a certain time of day or you are wanting to gain a bit more privacy from your neighbors, find the perfect solution for privacy, aesthetic and light control with our quality Hunter Douglas treatments. With a variety of blinds, shades and shutters our designers are sure to find the perfect solution for your windows. Purchasing an American made product with a lifetime warranty is an investment that will be sure to carry you through the years.

Visit our showroom to have an interactive experience and let our Designers walk you through all of your options!!

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized shades, blinds and draperies are no longer a luxury, in many cases it is a matter of necessity. From the tub in front of the window you can’t reach, but would like to utilize the light, to now the ever growing ability to program your shades into scenes that will fit your lifestyle. Draped in Style can do anything from simply programming your shades to awake you by opening in the morning, to your shades shutting at that exact time that the sun becomes an issue compromising your surrounding fabrics and flooring. With the ability to operate from a simple remote or wall switch, to all the way around the world from an app on your smart device, the options are endless!

Motorized window treatments have become not only functional, but stylish. As the technology has become more advanced, pleasantly it has also become affordable. Let one of our Designers come to your home and open your eyes to the possibilities motorization can provide!